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Hi, I’m Liam and welcome to my site. I am a reportage wedding photographer Northampton and I cover whole of UK and Europe. Photography has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, a genuine passion of mine is to capture what is true and authentic, photographs which display the joy and happiness between the subjects. My aim is to capture the story from every wedding, giving photos that my couples will not just love, but genuinely cherish, photos they will want to share with everyone. I feel very lucky to do what I do and am always honoured to receive inquiries from couples who love my wedding photography. Please have a look around and if you like what you see get in touch!

northamptonshire-wedding-photographer northamptonshire-wedding-photographer northamptonshire-wedding-photographer

My style of wedding photography requires me to be completely unobtrusive, not interfering with any situation and letting the events unfold in front of me. I love nothing more than capturing a moment that is true rather than constructed or contrived. Of course it’s always fun to take pictures of you both together, it’s my job to make you feel relaxed to make sure that you have photographs of yourselves that you recognise! I won’t make you run and jump or fake a laugh, my wedding photographs reflect who you are, not who I think you should be just for a picture.
Wedding photography has changed dramatically over the last ten years, faster lenses and more sophisticated sensors means we can capture those intimate moments anywhere from candlelit churches to wine cellars in France.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my work. Hopefully there is something about my candid and laid back approach to wedding photography that grabs you and makes you want to get in touch.

northamptonshire-wedding-photographer northamptonshire-wedding-photographer northamptonshire-wedding-photographer

I truly love photographing weddings, it is easily the most fun you can have with a camera, being able to capture such genuine emotion is amazing. Capturing everything from tearful mums, dads and bridesmaids to cheeky children tearing up the dance floor in true Peter Kay knee sliding style. The energy that comes from weddings is infectious, the nervous anticipation during the morning preparations, the smiles and laughs with your best friends as you get ready and the sheer joy on the bride and grooms face when they see each other, there’s nothing else like it.

Wedding Photographer Northampton

northamptonshire-wedding-photographer northamptonshire-wedding-photographer northamptonshire-wedding-photographer

Capturing your style is important too, the beautiful venue that may have taken you some time to choose, the fresh flowers, a stylish cake, ribbons and details. Each of these components have taken time and planning, so it’s important to get pictures of these things too, ensuring that everything will come together to create a narrative of your day.

Relaxed Wedding Photography

Most of all I love to tell your story. I don’t take photographs just to create a blog post or be seen on the latest wedding website, I invest emotionally in each couples day and produce a finished narrative that you will love forever. I go out of my way to create natural wedding photographs that you will treasure. Photos that will bring back amazing memories. Photos that capture your uniqueness on your wedding day.

For wedding photography that offers a little bit more cool, mixed with laughter, fun and a relaxed approach, give me a call or an email, I’d love to hear from you. A site dedicated to my other photography projects